MRIPay Payroll ProcessingImagine all of the technology, sophistication, and service you’d expect out of a world class payroll service, at 30-50% off what you currently pay! MRI Payment Solutions Payroll Service has the program that will protect your bottom line.

MRI Payroll Service includes all the features you expect, but with out all the little “service fees” that come with other products.

Our unique approach to payroll administration will help you REDUCE EXPENSES, MINIMIZE TIME & EFFORT, STREAMLINE PAYROLL DELIVERY & REDUCE LIABILITY associated with the payroll process.

What Makes MRI’s Payroll Service Better?

That’s just the beginning…

With MRI Payroll Soution, you will also have access to the following options…

You get instant access to over 400 standard payroll reports. You also have the ability to create custom reports on the fly. Do you need to export payroll data into your general ledger? No problem. You get the GL export and Quickbooks export feature standard.

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