Price and Sell in Multiple Currencies. Get Paid in US Dollars.

global-currencyMRI offers multi-currency processing (MCP) which allows e-commerce and mail order/telephone order (MOTO) merchants to increase sales internationally by offering prices in foreign currencies, while receiving payments in US dollars.

International shoppers can now navigate your site and see prices they can understand – their own currency. Customers will benefit by being charged the purchase amount in their own currency, while your business is credited in the currency you normally deal with. A win-win scenario!

  • Accept credit card transactions in over 60 currencies
  • Give international customers added confidence and improve your sales
  • Settle directly in US dollars with no special setup at your bank

Sell Practically Anywhere in the World

Accept foreign currencies such as the Euro, British pound, Japanese Yen, Canadian dollar and more. You now have access to customers all over the globe. It will make a world of difference to your bottom line.

Benefit from Flexible Payment Solutions

We offer you the choice: set a fixed rate for foreign currencies or opt for a variable solution that allows for exchange rate fluctuations.

No Special Setup Required

Our solution does not require any special setup such as foreign bank account or wire transfer fees. Take advantage of over 60 cardholder currencies presently available. Increase your global sales today!

Be Local, Sell Global

Let MRIPay help you enter the global commerce market with multi-currently processing.

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