Insights Essentials

Insights Essentials automatically consolidates your revenue, reputation, and social media activity into a single dashboard that you can access from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. There’s no software, hardware, or integration required.


What you get with Insights Essentials:

MRIPay Insights
  • Revenue Growth

    See how your revenue, transactions, and
    average purchase grow each day, week, and
    even year over year.

  • City-wide revenue rank

    See how your revenue ranks against similar businesses in your city and track your improvement over time.

  • Competitor Monitoring

    Select your biggest competitors and automatically receive updates when they post new specials and receive new customer reviews.

  • See how online activity impacts revenue

    Compare Yelp, Facebook, and Twitter against revenue in one simple graph to see how your reputation and social media correlate to revenue growth.

  • Compare to other businesses

    Get a complete picture of how your business is performing by comparing your revenue growth against businesses in over 400 categories and across 2,500 cities in the U.S.

  • Business email updates

    Stay on top of your business on the go with easy to read weekly and monthly email performance updates.

See your Year over Year revenue growth

With MRIPay Insights Essentials you can see and compare your year over year performance to get the most relevant growth numbers.

Insights YOY Growth

Monitor your closest competitors

Select specific competitors to monitor on Yelp, Facebook, and Twitter and Insights Essentials makes it easy to see what specials they’re running and what customers are saying about their business.

MRIPay Insights Competitor Watchlist

Compare Revenue to your competitors

Compare your business to over 400 categories and 2,500 cities across the country, helping you understand how you perform against nearby businesses just like yours.

MRIPay Insights Revenue Rankings

Unlock your market rank

Is your business one of the best? See your exact rank against all locations in your own market based on revenue, visit count, and average purchase.

MRIPay Insights Market Rank

Compare Yelp, Facebook & Twitter to Revenue

Want to know how customer reviews and social media impact revenue? View everything in one place to easily see what works and what doesn’t.

MRIPay Social Revenue Compairson

Stay updated on the go

MRIPay Essentials sends you email updates about your most important metrics each week. You’ll also receive monthly recaps so you’re always updated about your business.

MRIPay Insights on the Go

Get MRIPay Insights for your business

Stay ahead of your competition! MRIPay Insights Essentials gives you all the tools to create opportunities to earn new and repeat business through social awareness.

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