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MRIPay works directly with banks in strategic countries to assist merchants to grow their business in profitable safe ways. We do not take the approach that every customer is a number but rather a valuable long term client where we take the time to understand your business and place your account with acquiring banks that are best suited for you.

Additionally, we do not agree with the philosophy of putting all your eggs in one basket. As such we work with our clients to place their business strategically with more than one acquiring bank.

Additionally companies may want to expand their business interests and move their processing offshore for a myriad of reasons from asset protection, diversification, lower tax regimes etc.

Many times we have seen merchants distraught at the prospect of losing their business as their acquiring bank has suddenly changed strategy and decided a certain business line is now too risky or your business has grown more quickly than they are comfortable with. Perhaps your business has grown too international with online sales from different countries and your current acquiring bank is uncomfortable with risk from other countries or sales in more than one currency. That is why we take the time to get to understand our clients, their goals and long term plans so we can help them achieve those safely and profitably.

While the internet has lead to an explosion of international sales and ecommerce volumes, it does not come without risks. Not being able to verify a signature, compare other ID etc. there is increased risk of use of stolen credit cards or unauthorized use of valid cards may increase. While it is impossible to catch all instances of fraud there are a number of techniques that can be used to reduce the potential for fraud and chargebacks. That is why MRI PAY high risk merchant processing account employ the most up to date Anti-Fraud scrubbing tools in the Industry to help protect our merchants from losses.

Other Services

Company Formations

A number of banks will require that companies be incorporated in the jurisdiction where they are located in order to provide acquiring services. MRI Payment Solutions works with the banks and local service providers to provide a seamless one stop shopping service for the clients, assisting in the arrangement of offshore companies for them.  We coordinate with offshore service providers obtaining all the information they will need, getting pre-approval for your preferred company name and submitting the incorporation material on your behalf to streamline the incorporation process.

Trust Formations

In a number of situations clients may requests that offshore trusts be established as well as offshore companies. There could be for a number of reasons including asset protection issues, tax minimization, confidentiality, privacy, business continuation and estate planning to name a few of the reasons why someone would want an offshore trust. These could be part of the plan for e-commerce or separate and apart. MRI PAY works with trust professionals in a number of offshore jurisdictions to help you find a jurisdiction that is best suited for you.

Am I a High-Risk Merchant?

High-risk Merchant Processing clients are classified as any merchants that pose an elevated risk of fraud and credit card chargebacks. This can be due to the nature of a merchants industry, consumers, payment terms, volumes or ticket sizes. At MRI Payment Solutions, our fraud controls allow us to accept most high-risk merchants, regardless of their locations or processing volumes. These include merchants from the following industries and more:

  • Adult Content
  • Online Gaming
  • Health and Wellness Products
  • eCigarettes
  • Travel
  • Dating
  • Nutracuticals
  • Call Centres
  • ISP and Hosting Services
  • Domain Registration
  • Credit Repair
  • Direct Sales
  • Money Transfer
  • Prepaid Phone Cards
  • Software Downloads

We Work With High Risk

MRI Payment Solutions is always looking to provide reliable merchant processing for high-risk clients.
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