Offering customers more options to pay helps you earn more sales and increase your client base. MRI’s solutions let you easily accept debit, credit cards and gift card payments for only pennies per transaction.

MRI Payment Solutions’ solutions let you:

  • Allow customers to pay quickly and easily
  • Increase customer sales and client loyalty
  • Offer convenient, secure and safe payment options

Take advantage of fast and simple payment processing with competitive rates that help you earn more with less expense. Find out about:

  • Accepting debit and credit card payments
  • Our innovative, PCI-compliant terminals
  • Virtual terminal solutions for desktop processing
  • Real-time Reporting features
  • Cash Advances and fast access to loans

Ready to see how much you can save with MRI Payment Solutions? In just three minutes, we’ll tell you the savings you’ll achieve with our low-cost solutions. You’ll wonder why you waited so long to switch!

No Free Credit Card Terminal

No Free Credit Card Terminals

Why does MRI Payment Solutions not offer a free credit card terminal?

We explain why and how spending a little now, saves you a ton down the road.

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Benefits of MRI Payment Solutions Credit Card Processing

MRI Payments Solutions Credit Card Processing offers the same level of service as all the “big” credit card processing companies.

However, since we’re small, we can also provide personalized customer service and help you tailor your implementation to meet the needs of your individual business.

MRI Payment Solutions Credit Card Processing offers the following merchant transaction methods:


MRI Payment Solutions will meet or beat your current credit card processing rates. All the features above plus more money to your bottom line. Why go anywhere else?