Are you a happy MRI Payment Solutions processing or payroll customer or you know someone who needs our services? With our MRIPay referral program … we pay cash for every referral to MRI Payment Solutions.

Let MRIPay show you how to take advantage of your network of fellow business owners and leverage those relationships to create a new revenue stream for your business. All while helping their business.

Here is how it works. By taking advantage of our industry first MRIPay Rewards Program, you can help your friends and business associates save money on their credit card processing fees by referring them to MRI Payment Solutions.  We will lower their fees and pay you a revenue share for referring MRIPay.  This is not like other programs that pay you and one-time referral of $25.  This is a piece of the profitability of the referred business.  You have now created a new revenue stream for your business.  Your associate is happy because he/she has saved some money and you are now making money.

Imagine the possibilities.  You may own a small business buy you have a friend who owns a multi-million dollar business.  You now have an opportunity to refer a reputable company with a proven track record, in MRIPay and if we partner with your friend you will be earning a residual payment each month for as long as your friend processes with MRIPay.  The more you refer MRIPay the more money you can make.  So how many other business owners do you know? 

Ask one of our representatives on how you can earn a revenue share on all referrals.

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