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Become a MRIpay Agent

Looking for a career where you can control your own destiny?  If you’re a self-starter, like to work independently and can drive a sale, then you can become a MRIpay Agent!

As a MRIpay Agent you will have the flexibility to build your business with a comprehensive range of products and resources dedicated to helping you succeed, including unparalleled training, marketing, reporting, and brand name recognition.

Choose from a variety of competitive revenue sharing programs for the right compensation.
Support from the top customer service in the industry.
MRIpay Agents can address the needs of nearly all industries, including many high risk merchants.
Offer a 98% approval rate with a short turnaround on applications
Benefit from MRI Payment Solutions high reputation and award winning technologies.
We measure our success by the success of our agents.  In addition to a highly motivating compensation package, we believe it is equally important to have the resources available to help you significantly improve your bottom line.

Our resources encompass both traditional and online marketing and sales tools.We continuously strive to provide effective solutions that will help you grow your business.

Our commitment to our MRIpay Agents originates from what it takes to be successful in a highly competitive merchant services industry. As a result, our mission and pledge is simple: to provide our MRIpay Agents the best possible platform for allowing more sales, long term revenue and financial freedom.

Become a MRIpay Agent

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