Offering customers more options to pay helps you earn more sales and increase your client base. MRI’s solutions let you easily accept debit, credit cards and gift card payments for only pennies per transaction.

MRI Payment Solutions’ solutions let you:

  • Allow customers to pay quickly and easily
  • Increase customer sales and client loyalty
  • Offer convenient, secure and safe payment options

Take advantage of fast and simple payment processing with competitive rates that help you earn more with less expense. Find out about:

  • Accepting debit and credit card payments
  • Our innovative, PCI-compliant terminals
  • Virtual terminal solutions for desktop processing
  • Real-time Reporting features
  • Cash Advances and fast access to loans

Ready to see how much you can save with MRI Payment Solutions? In just three minutes, we’ll tell you the savings you’ll achieve with our low-cost solutions. You’ll wonder why you waited so long to switch!

No Free Credit Card Terminal

No Free Credit Card Terminals

Why does MRI Payment Solutions not offer a free credit card terminal?

We explain why and how spending a little now, saves you a ton down the road.

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Benefits of MRI Payment Solutions Credit Card Processing

MRI Payments Solutions Credit Card Processing offers the same level of service as all the “big” credit card processing companies.

However, since we’re small, we can also provide personalized customer service and help you tailor your implementation to meet the needs of your individual business.

MRI Payment Solutions Credit Card Processing offers the following merchant transaction methods:

MRI Payment Solutions offers fast and affordable connectivity over analog lines. Installation is simple, and coverage includes 100% of the United States and its territories. Small merchants will benefit from dial-up’s affordable cost and ease-of- use.
Process payment transactions from virtually anywhere. Faster than dial-up, wireless also eliminates the need for a business phone and its supporting resources. We offer a wide choice of wireless terminals for merchants that require mobility or operate kiosks.
Upgrade your terminal connection to a secure, direct, high speed Internet connection and process your POS payments faster than with dial-up.
Enhance the security of all your transactions with our EMV ready terminals.

EMV, which stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa refers to an international standard for chip cards and terminals.

Chip technology offers enhanced security because card authentication and PIN verification are performed automatically and objectively by the chip. Moreover, each transaction has a unique ‘stamp’ which prevents the transaction data from being fraudulently reused if it is stolen from a merchant’s or processor’s database.
EMV chip technology is increasingly being adopted within the U.S. Payment industry, and soon MasterCard and Visa Chip & PIN cards will be a common form of payment for your business.

Process your payments online using a Web-based virtual terminal.
High-speed, efficient communication method that processes transactions in 3-5 seconds and eliminates the dial process so that users are continuously online.

Coverage is available in the Continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii. Supports multiple connections and offers dial backup support.

Merchants with multiple locations and heavy transaction volumes will benefit from the speed and convenience of frame relay.

The VSAT network provides rapid (4-6 seconds) satellite transmission of data, voice and video to and from corporate and field offices.
Coverage is available in the Continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Supports multiple protocols and offers dial backup capabilities. Merchants with multiple locations will benefit from the speed of VSAT.
Contactless credit cards integrate a radio frequency chip and antenna in the card plastic. Cardholders simply hold their credit card up to a secure reader, instead of swiping it. This eliminates the need for consumers to count cash, and since most purchases under $25 do not require a signature, contactless payment ensures fast and convenient transactions at places like fast-food restaurants, gas stations, movie theaters and convenience stores.

Most contactless credit cards also contain the traditional magnetic stripe, so cardholders can use the cards anywhere credit cards are accepted. They provide consumers with the same zero-liability protection as conventional payment cards and some offer cardholders the ability to earn points towards cash, travel and merchandise.

Benefits of contactless payment solutions:

  • Increased convenience and speed during checkout
  • No signature required for most purchases under $25
  • Cardholders have the same protection as found with traditional cards
  • Transactions are processed through the same, reliable payment network as magnetic stripe transactions
  • Risk of fraud is reduced, because the cardholder remains in control of their card during contactless transactions
  • Particularly useful for smaller, quick purchases, like convenience stores or quick-service restaurants or movie theaters.


MRI Payment Solutions will meet or beat your current credit card processing rates. All the features above plus more money to your bottom line. Why go anywhere else?